Responsible Gaming Policy – Play Smart

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Online gambling pastime should be considered as a mean of fun and total leisure. Before starting any round at any casino game, you should determine how much cash and time you are liable to spend. That will help you to make sure, that the pastime at Golden Tiger casino in Canada won’t bring you any kind of problems, including the loss of control over your gaming process.

Below, we present some points of responsible gambling policy, which you should check and make sure you do everything right to avoid problems of the kind:

  • Never play while feeling depressed or distracted
  • Set the limit on your money spending in advance
  • Keep track of the time and frequency of your play
  • Never try to win back the losses, instead their amount may only double
  • Keep in mind that online gambling is a source of fun, and not a way to win a large amount of cash and pay the debts
  • Having a chain of successful rounds, be wise and make a smart stop
  • Mind that no one guarantees nothing, virtual betting is a 100% game of luck
  • Combine the pastime with some other activities
  • Never take drugs or drink while playing

Having any doubts and rueful feelings about your gambling problems, or just worrying about your personal condition, feel free to pass out test of self-control. And in order to learn more precise information about such type of problems, visit Gamblers Anonymous.

Limits on Your Deposits

The casino reserves the right to set certain deposit limits on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. In case you are rather conscientious and you are sure your personal limits will be more accurate than the ones of responsible gambling policy, you can set them when getting in touch with our customer support service and changing some options in your profile settings.

The only thing we should warn is that once you want to either increase the limits or remove them totally, the operation won’t be conducted instantly. In fact, it is to take about 24 hours complete the request.

Providing Self-Imposed Limits

As soon as you start suspecting there occurs a gambling problem and you need a sort of restriction, we are ready to present you the Self-Exclusion option.

  • Period of reflection from 24 hours up to 3 months
  • 6 months of self-limitations (however, once Golden Tiger considers the re-opening of the account unhealthy or not wise, it will close the profile permanently)

As you are sure there are some issues and you want to initiate the Self-Exclusion, please, contact the customer care service of Golden Tiger portal. Use any way convenient (Live Chat or email) and negotiate the options of Responsible Gambling Policy to determine which of them will match you best.

Yet, as a fruition of the conversation, you still need to send a request via email. This is a thing we need to apply appropriate and effective restrictions. The query should be sent from the address you used during the registration.

Do not try to apply the Self-Exclusion option until getting a confirmation message from the casino to the email address you mentioned within this account registration.

  • Please, keep in mind that in case you claim the self-banning option, we won’t be able to reverse your request and the consequences. That is why, we suggest you carefully think over this decision before the commission. Also, you should discuss the point with the operators of gambling help group. They will be glad to give you a hand.
  • Note! As you decide to claim the option at the long last, please, make sure you did the same at any other operators (online casinos), where you may hold a profile. This will definitely assist with a better healthy aura and will help you maximize the effect of your limitations.
  • Anyway, we thoroughly inspect new opened accounts for them not to be the ones of self-excluded. We can’t take responsibility for those members, who try to deceive our system and create new profiles from various email addresses.

Golden Tiger Policy

The real money gameplay at Golden Tiger site is available only to those people olden than 18 years. Also, there may be set another age restriction according to the legal systems of other jurisdictions, which is greater than 18 anyway.

Underage visitors may not create accounts and play at this betting house under no circumstances. Should any ineligible profile be detected, it will be canceled as well as any kind of winnings. We retain the right to ask for your age proof at any stage of your gaming experience in order to make sure you don’t abolish prohibitions.