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There can’t be a better method to pass your leisure than playing Roulette at Golden Tiger casino in Canada. This vintage performance is one of the oldest and most beloved ones. No wonder, the rules are simple, the scenario is totally unpredictable and the wins are so alluring. Astonishing graphics create an atmosphere of the real-time gameplay around the table with a small ball twisting.

Win in Every Roulette Type!

At Golden Tiger, we present our customers American and European variations of Roulette, however, there also subsists the third kind – French one. Each alternative includes some unique features in order to differ from the rest. And you are to select the best view for the pastime, in keeping with the rules and prizes. Check the diversities below and get acquainted with them before picking a title.


One of the obvious differences of this type is its one-of-a-king table layout. All the other facilities, such as the plurality of spots, balls, and more are like in European Roulette. With a single Zero and numbers from 0 to 36, the alternative is usually played by foreign players due to the interface presented in French.

American Variation

How about having 38 places to catch a win? The American version of the wheely game includes both single and double Zero. The figures come in pairs, being situated vis-a-vis to each other and being arranged in the identical form on the wheel, they give equal chances for the players to place the bets anywhere. Everything will be clear after the spin.

Euro Gold

At this rate, you have one less stop, making figures from 0 to 36. The chances are increased and you place your wager letting the dealer turn the wheel in one course and spin the ball in the contrary one. As soon as the ball finds its place in a certain pocket, the player who placed the bet on the figure gets paid. Simple rules – easy play.

Premier Roulette

3D graphics, outstanding interface and numerous winning ways. Premier Roulette roots come from the European, with only one thing out – you have spots from 0 to 35 at your disposal. Pick a kind of the bet and choose the color with the number to tease your luck. The bet selection depends on your intuition, while the outcome lies on the RNG.

Delight the Stunning Emotions Beating Live Dealer!

While some players of Golden Tiger prefer the online edition of the Roulette variations, the others want to experience everything here and now. Thereupon, we proudly offer you the Live Dealer casino with several kinds of the game there. You can take a seat at the table and have the pastime in the real-time mode with other participants all over the world. The live chat gives you an opportunity to talk with the croupier and the gamers during the leisure.

Fair Bets Leading You to the Victory

Going more in details, we must admit that in order to surround yourself with the fair and safe conditions, you should learn the variations of the bets, possible to place at Roulette games. There exist several kinds of stakes and each of them includes its benefits and guarantees certain outcomes. Which one to pick depends on your personal situation, so learn all the possible variants and pick one according to your status.


Becoming familiar with the table layout, you will notice that there exist several places to bet. There are sections with numbers and a little bit big ones dividing the figures into several groups. So, the stakes made on the numbers (as they are) are called inside ones. However, there is more to come with several sub-types of them.

Straight Up

This time, you are to put the chip on a single digit, you think will come out in the end. In case the wheel spins and your number appears under the ball, you get 1:35 benefit.


Choose 2 figures and place your chip on the line separating the adjacent numbers. You can also select the pairs of 0 and 1, 0 and 2, 0 and 3. As soon as the wager wins, you receive 1:17 prize.

Corner Stake

This kind of stake is also known as a square one, being a four-number wager. This time, you pick a box with 4 numbers and place your token in the center line connecting all the figures. The payout of 1:8 in case of victory is guaranteed.


Make a stake on 3 icons standing in a row on one line. Connecting these three figures, you can put the counter on the outer corner of the chain. This time, the benefit will make 1:11.

Six Line Bet

Two lines standing next to each other can be combined with one bet. Placing the token on the general outer line of these two lines, you increase the chances to relish the wins in the end. The odds are 1:5.


Such kinds of wagers are those, placed outside the fields with numbers, on the general sectors. Such portions include larger groups of figures, and in general, there are 5 of them. Below, you can check out the main ones described in details.

Dozen Wager

Cover a dozen of numbers at once. The kind includes ‘first 12’ (1-12), ‘second 12’ (13-24) and ‘third 12’ (25-36) sections, which let you involve so many figures in one wager. The payout at that rate is 1:2.


Do not think of one spot, forget about the numbers and bet on the color only. A half of figures is red, the other half is black. So, once the pointed out contrast wins, you get 1:1 prize immediately.

Even or Odd

Divided by 2 or not? Making a stake on all Even number or all Odd figures, you also make 2 portions of the figures. That is how the payout remains 1:1 and the spin will decide everything as usual.

Golden Tiger Prizes Worthy of the Best

Golden Tiger casino opens new ways for its players to extend the gaming time and make the pastime even more pleasant. That is why, all new customers holding a real money account, have the right to claim the bonuses and get extra credits for free. Sounds alluring? Then try the promotions right now!

Welcome Trophy

Are you a member of Golden Tiger? Go and pass the registration to form your new profile and make your very first deposit of $10 or more to claim the offer. The bonus is created for new players only and presents 5 slices that make $1,500 Welcome Bonus Package in total.

Match Bonus

Each time you make an input, you are to receive a match promotion, which settles the final prize. The alternatives are: 100% up to $100, 50% up to $300, 20% up to $500, 30% up to $500 and 100% up to $100. The second part shows the highest point you can get if making the appropriate contribution.