Golden Tiger Casino T&C

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1. Golden Tiger Casino: General Terms & Conditions

1.1 Getting the status of a real customer of Golden Tiger casino, you’re to read the Agreement of the Site Use Conditions before accepting them and start your real money play.
1.1.1 We give an allowance to you to download the copy of the T&Cs to your PC/laptop/tablet/phone for the personal usage and studying only. Pay attention that you can’t use the site info for commercial purpose. Thus, no further actualization, implementation, performance and distribution is allowed, but if you’ve got our written permit.
1.1.2 You’re to be ready that unauthorized access to the site Materials will be forbidden and provoke the punishment and restrictions.
1.1.3 By such manners, you give your convention to the consequences of use in case you start using the software platform and the website produced by Golden Tiger.

1.2 Here you’ve a capacity to study the full Terms and Conditions determined on the page along with explanation of all bets and monies admitted by the same as any web page developed by Golden Tiger Casino.

1.3 Notice, being aware of the arrangements, you’ve responsibility for all defrayal which are adopted in. Besides that, you’re to keep close tabs on all changes implemented.

1.4 Forming a Player Account, keep in mind that you automatically accept all the T&C the same as rules of the official site. Due to this, we urge to print or at least save the notations of all your transferals, prescriptions of countermand, discharges and play rules it’s the issue of your own interests.

1.5 Take cognizance that ill-begotten funds are illegal and, that’s why, each replenishment is checked to eliminate the risks of Money-Laundering cases. Herewith, you’d realize that if your activity seems to be distrustful or criminal, we’ll apprise the relevant authority immediately.

1.6 Golden Tiger Casinos assures that the T&C are valid, transparent and fair. In the context that you’ve any propositions about improving our service in the whole or in separate fields, you can confidently contact our Support Center.

1.7 Golden Tiger can cancel the winnings in case we notice that a group of our patrons transmit credits from one e-wallets/financial account to another or in case several players get credits from the single common source. Such actions are considered as a fraudulent activity provoking punishment too.

1.8 You also should be ready that our gambling house can deny the enrollment of any visitor as well as we’ve a title to retain any cashout in case it was suspected to be attributed to some fraudulent activity.

1.9 Also we warn you that we’re qualified to cancel/revise any section of the outlined rules anytime. Anyway, we’ll inform all Players beforehand the changes will be put into the effect.

2. Language of Casino Terms and Conditions

2.1 The base of the presented facilities and points along with all other translations of the T&Cs lies in English. Thus, we compose and update using this language. The variants are produced for your expediency, so with that, if you get confused in the relevance of the administrative data, we advise to check the English original as a priority or contact the Support.

2.2 Also you’d better check out the terminology used in the text possesses the following meaning, unless we state it differently:
2.2.1 ‘Player’ implies the guest who passed the process of Golden Tiger registration and became a member.
a. ‘REAL Player’ is a holder of a Real Money profile and makes money stakes at the site.
2.2.2 ‘Casino’ comes for the Golden Tiger and our entities.

3. About Golden Tiger

3.1 The gambling house is a brand regulated by Apollo Entertainment Limited (C45483), Ta’Xbiex XBX1011, 8 Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Villa Seminia, a company upon Malta record.

3.2 Please, mark that players’ gaming contract is Apollo Entertainment Limited. These specifications as well as facilities shape the gaming supply, which is offered by the gaming portal. Every reference connected with Golden Tiger also includes the Apollo Entertainment, if we don’t imply it differently.

4. Casino and Maltese Law

4.1 Please, mark that the Maltese Law extends to the actual rules, and the facilities of the website.

5. Golden Tiger Licensing & Regulatory Bodies

5.1 For people located in Great Britain, Apollo Entertainment Ltd. Offers the facilities based on the UK Gambling Commission permit: 000-038620-R-319310-006.

5.2 Apollo Entertainment Ltd. also presents the Malta Gaming Authority certificate for members living outside Great Britain: MGA/B2C/164/2008.

6. User Participation at Golden Tiger

6.1 We warn about the following aspect that the casino doesn’t adopt underaged players, who are younger than 18 years old and want to open a personal profile here.

6.2 In a form of additional examination and verification, we can ask for some valid documents involved in online or checks of other types.

6.3 As a Player you take responsibility for the activity and the legal specification of your country connected with online gambling. Just because we don’t make you or any other customer offend against the law or regulations through the activity at the gambling website.

6.4 All new breached of laws (federal, state, national, local, etc.) that are developed in the issue of your gaming activity is out of the Golden Tiger’s responsibility.

6.5 Suppose your gaming activity is contrary to the local jurisdiction, or you’re not 18+, you’re to realize that the gambling site can deduct all your credits, whether they are connected with inputs, free monies, refunds, bonuses, etc.

7. Player Casino Account

7.1 You also should take into the account that all the data provided by you MUST be relevant, accurate and complete on all counts. Thus, we can use your address given to mail you without mentioning the Golden Tiger name on the cover and all the requests made for withdrawals will remain upon the anvil until we receive the letters back and approve them. Besides that, a request for verification procedure can be e-mailed to you.

7.2 As a Player you’ve to create and regulate only one single folder. Once we reprove that there is more than one profile per player, we can intercept the pages until the balances and details that belong to one patron are united. As the procedure is completed, all the pages are consummated remaining one active case file.

7.3 You’d understand that it’s highly important to update your account information constantly. Once any changes, such as new living address, postal code, phone number, e-mail or more personal/contact rap, take place, you need to notify the Support Center immediately to avoid delays and problems above-mentioned in the paragraph.

7.4 The coinage of a password is up to you, yet, it should be totally confidential. As the username and the password are entered correctly, we consider valid all the activity and decisions made through this acc.

7.5 While the personal page activation, you’re to receive an email to the mentioned address. All profiles should be verified via such e-mails. Until we prove the details, all the activity may be paused. Whereas a Player has defollowed the Casino Rewards site previously, please, tie in with the Customer Care.

7.6 All payer offers presented by us are formed one per person, e-mail address, family, telephone number, household address, credit/debit card, shared computer, for instance, school, workplace or public library. We can cancel the availability to claim offers to any merchant or several members.

7.7 Once there occur any crashes or wastes, which might have appeared within your collaboration with the site or our content, we do not foot the bill for such cases. Among the situations can be holdbacks or countermands with remittances, data disappearance, misuse of the site, communication failure, etc. We also can either bring your private page to stop or close it.

7.8 No unauthorized activity, which takes place on your PC or mobile device can have any impact on our concern towards the client.

7.9 Inactivity of the Account
7.9.1 Supposing there is no commitment for 60 days, your page is taken as dormant.
7.9.2 We hold your credits in a safe custody with a vision to reduce the danger of theft or third body involvement. Contacting the customer center, you can ask to reinstate the balance as it was.
7.9.3 We transmit the private cabinet balance of players to the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) as you’re inactive in your withdrawals, investments or any other type of monetary moves for more than thirty months.

7.10 Inter-Account Transfers
7.10.1 We forbid strictly any transaction of funds between separate web profiles.

7.11 The Closure or Cold Storage of the Account
7.11.1 We can close or put on hold your folder basing on our sole discretion.

7.12 Check in with the Customer Care tool to close your profile.

8. Player Money Protection at Golden Tiger

8.1 Having respect to the requirements of our concessions, we’re to provide an in-depth doping about the way we store the loners’ funds and what we do if facing bankruptcy.

8.2 The merchant funds are stored in a unique place, so, being out of the company’s every day operations. Anyway, once the insolvency takes place, they are a part of geared assets. Basic segregation level of the UK Gambling Commission requirements of referral’s funds segregation includes all the points. Here on the commission’s page, you’re free to read some more points connected with the topic in detail. We also comply with Malta Gaming Authority obligations, which say to keep the customer’s funds apart from the your own ones.

8.3 ‘Customer Funds’ stands for a public value of payers’ funds, including:
8.3.1 Cleared funds invested by patrons with our gambling house acts for future gambling to provide stakes.
8.3.2 Prizes or winnings, which the visitor decided to leave on inputs with the gambling, or the ones we’re planning to reward.
8.3.3 Any gained but still unpaid bonuses or loyalty points, not taking on board the membership of the gaming contract.

8.4 Golden Tiger Casino provides the revise of its accounts every week.

8.5 If there appear any alterations in the mean we protect your funds, you’ll be clued before any transfer is made.

9. Golden Tiger Withdrawals and Payment Details

9.1 Once you utilize an unregistered credit (CC) or debit card, electronic wallet or ledger account, whether for inputs or outcomes, we want to aware you that in such a case we are qualified to stop the practice of the personal page, or to consummate the used banking functions. The situation lasts until you get a permission to choose the mechanism as a payment. The resolution can repose on a successful transmission with 3D Secure authentication.

9.2 You’ve to learn and to be alert to the active laws enacting in your region.

9.3 It is under your accountability to keep the duplicates of the remittance reviews, principles and the policy.

9.4 When making cashouts with bank wire, they are defrayable to the name mentioned while the sign-up of the personal cabinet only. And when a plastic card or CC is used for immersion credits, the name must match the one captured on the card.

9.5 Extra render details can be updated or added only within the Casino SW, or when getting in touch with the customer care.

9.6 Each withdrawal process falls under certain impositions determined under the banking subdivision.

9.7 At all times, one Preferable Payment Method is possible to select.

9.8 The combination of our duties and the EU 4th Money Laundering Directive leads to the Anti-Money Laundering policy (AML). Once in a while we are concerned to realize security reviews and ask for relevant documents. Within such a situation, all your defrayals will be withheld until the moment we check and approve the corresponding documentation, which turns to be satisfactory for us. The target of such occasions is to minimize the danger of money laundering and maleficent movement and if the results of AML research come out unsatisfactory, we are concerned to cancel the wins, set limits for your banking activity or block your private page.

10. The Process of Authorization at the Casino

10.1 After you fill in all the info for purchases and before you claim for withdrawals, you can be asked to show some extra documents. We also can ask for some registered documents, which list is presented below:

a. the banking card copy, where we can see and check the owner name, or a basement of the payment method used (if needed)
b. IDs duplicate with a photo such as Driver’s License/ID/Passport
с. confirmation document of the residence, it can be a claim from the bank that’s not older than 3 months, etc.

10.2 You’ve to make cashouts using the same methods as for investments. Please, take into consideration that the personal page verification process can slow down the procedure of redeeming funds.

11. Usage of Bots or/and Illegal Software

11.1 It is totally illegal to use any malicious SW within the gaming house. As soon you disclose a bug or problem/error in the program of the casino, apprise us immediately.

11.2 As soon as we detect the use of such malicious SW, we will take all the required sanctions, such as disrupting the suspected folder, congealing the amount, etc.

11.3 Making use of the SW for influencing on the outcomes of Poker and Casino games is out of our policy and is strictly interdicted. Any monetary gains obtained in such a way will be kept back from the funds of such a customer.

11.4 One of the methods taken as a try to beguile the site and misrepresent the gaming process is the usage of a Virtual Machine. The monies receive under such clauses will be instantly impounded.

12. Play Interruptions Background

12.1 We don’t take any charge for downturn, server errors, technical disrepair, banking that may occur during the game play. At the Casino Management sole discretion only, there may take place some refunds.

12.2 As soon as there occur some errors associated with companionship or systems related to RNG (random number generator), provision of the bets or any other portal of gaming Product, we do not take amenability for the events. We are also empowered to cancel all the stakes of the game that is in such a situation.

12.3 As there takes place the Casino system shutdown, all the players’ bets are annulled.

12.4 Any losses, errors or damages that are considered to appear within the contact with the program, content or website of our casino do not go under our liability. Such cases also include rendering delays, operation interruption, loss of data, touch failure, misuse of a site or content by a person.

12.5 We are at liberty to decline or cancel any wager, which we think it is necessary. Valid wagers are those admitted by the service or matching the Agreement. No player’s association will be binding on us and all the invitations will be presented for play only, until you get the admission. The lock down of plays and pays will take place once any failure is determined. As we decide to waive the principles with the aim of fair play, that will be for one case only, not having an influence of the further occasions.

12.6 Whether it is a bet, a certain bet, or a number of bets, they will be totally disabled in case of manifest errors, failures and mistakes of the system that result in disturbance, improper odd, or line.

12.7 You’ve to apprehend that all the gains you owned in the process of equipment/SW error will be instantly canceled. When abusing the errors, your personal cabinet will be shut down and the wins and enclosures will disappear. All wagers will be deactivated under the Website breakdown.

13. Golden Tiger Bonus Promotions Availability

13.1 All offers presented by us are under the promotion account specifications and rules.

13.2 All bonuses at Golden Tiger are created for entertaining our members and we have enough power to abridge the players’ eligibility to take part in this or that promo according to its own ideas.

14. Casino Winnings Accumulation

14.1 It is up to you to adopt a currency, which your banking will use to credit the funds. If you have a desire to redeem a part or the whole balance, you can freely pick the sum to be paid back.

14.2 The minimum sum to cash out is £10, discounting the payment to DBT (Direct Bank Transfer), which is £300, except for transaction charges. The table with fees of DBT is presented under our investment and cashout facilities, and on the page with Withdrawal in the casino program. As there appear any unclear points or inquiries according to the set of winning, please, feel free to tangle with the Casino Support Center.

15. Golden Tiger: Responsible Gaming and Gambling Aspects

15.1 Online gaming is a method to have fun and enjoy the leisure, however, it may become addictive. Golden Tiger Casino promulgated responsible gaming by executing:
a. Periods of reflection up to 3 months
b. Availability to settle limits on inputs
c. Self-containment up to 5 years
d. Reminder of the terms
e. Possibility to turn to agencies aimed at problem gaming

15.2 Please, check out Responsible Gambling Policy to learn all the ins and outs.

16. Complaints, Support and Disputes Clarity

16.1 When you feel any difficulties or have queries, the Casino Support Center is granted to you.

16.2 A Player can view the running balance and the history of remittance anytime. As there occur any disputes according to previous or present transfers, please, follow the procedure of complaints presented below:
a. The first step of making a complaint is contacting our 24/7 Casino Support Center
b. As soon as the situation has not been solved by the previous action, please, form an item by dropping us an e-mail to At that rate, the query will be shifted to a solutions specialist who will send you the response within 5 days, in general. However, it may take a little bit longer, depending on a particular enquiry and the exploration necessity.
c. If the resolution hasn’t satisfied you after the internal query, you can get in touch with our alternative service of dispute resolution eCOGRA, which acts as an intermediary body and take such a decree to be approved by both sides. Another assistant for the resolution can be the European Commission’s ODR Platform.
d. Feel free to view the full document with the privacy policy on our site.

16.3 Once the dispute concerns the games provisions, reality, performance and formation of the present agreement concerning the games, it should be solved with according to the Maltese law. Maltese courts accomplish unique cognizance in case of the help of Courts of Law is required.

16.4 We will do our best to solve the problem in time and in the most accountable way. However, if both parties don’t come to a decision, the final result will be reached in the way described above. Finally, if the matter remains without the solution, UK residents can turn to the Gambling Commission via, while the other country residents can get in touch with Malta Gaming Authority through

17. Finances Aspect Explanation

17.1 Golden Tiger Casino is not a financial center and the inputs remitted to the Players’ folder don’t involve any charges for the service and transactions.

17.2 We refrain from giving advice to the customers according to the taxes and legal provisions.

17.3 Once a customer is seeking for a kind of advice referring to taxes or legal situation, they should get in touch with corresponding authorities in their region judicature.

17.4 No casino private page holder is granted to use the program for providing arbitrage via Currency Exchange conversions. As we suspect that a player uses our program for gaining finance, all the credits will be delayed from the balance without any announcement or warning.


1. The offer is valid for players with their first real money account ONLY.

2. First, the bonus credits are remitted to the loyalty private page at Casino Rewards, and then they are transacted to the players casino page.

3. Every investment made here is taken as a deposit aimed at claiming the site bonuses. Each of them is an individual case, thus, ONLY the initial 5 (five) independent inputs can define the final sum of the Welcome Bonus got in the aftermath of 5 (five) match offers.

4. The initial and all the succeeding deposit profits fall under the minimum play-through of 30x before they are converted to cash and can be withdrawn.

5. Each player agrees to meet all the WR on award money and the wins got with their help according to the General T&C presented below. That is done in order to elude any misunderstanding and confusions connected with credits and benefits transmitted to the customer’s amount.

6. The customer’s page score consists of personal credits and surplus dividends money. Once you choose to redeem your cash (this is possible anytime wanted), you’d understand that in this instance, you will drop the bonus credits no matter how much you have.

7. To make the procedure of cashout easier and faster, the WR will be counted as soon as any profit credits are activated and transported to the player’s personal page score.

8. Each gamer is allowed to activate and make use of the freebie credits only if they are using the currency, which is original in the region that is registered in their folder. Once an investment is conducted not according to these facilities, the entire offer amount can be withheld. USD and CAD are the currencies, which doesn’t yield to the principles.

9. The benefit is available for players from certain countries and the gambling house can decline the claim to the residents of any state according to its personal ideas.

10. View and admit the present T&C by ticking off the checkbox on the SignUp page.

Except for the presented terms described above, each Player comprehends that they are also to follow General Casino T&C, as the General Promotion ones.


1. Every privilege presented by Golden Tiger can be requested and activated only once per a player, computer, e-mail address, mobile device, CC number, etc. In case there take place any gains that do not satisfy the rules, they can be confiscated, while the private page will be blocked.

2. No more than one privilege can be utilized at the same time, while only one bonus money can be credited to Golden Tiger casino folder holder’s balance, unless it is stated otherwise.

3. We will take all the efforts in order to remit your offer money no later than during a day after the claim. Such promotions as Weekly or Monthly ones will be wired during the next business day right when the promo ends. For instance, the weekly offers will be presented on Monday, while the Monthly ones will be received on the initial day of the consecutive month.

4. To evade any complaints and misunderstanding between the customer and the site concerning the promo money, cashouts and gains, you are to admit the actual WR. The facilities are:
4.1 The currency from the customers’ remaining balance can be redeemed at any moment of the gameplay. Yet, by dint of the withdrawal, all the freebie credits will disappear.
4.2 The initial deposit promotion includes 30x play-through, that you’ve to meet, before withdrawal is available.
4.3 All the following deposit offers (from the 2nd up to the 5th) are subject to 30x play-through, covering which you can redeem the credits with no losses.
4.4 Please, analyze the rate, which various entertainments cover in regard to the WR (up to 100%).
4.5 Overlook the conducing per cent according to the kinds of fun:

GameContribution Percentage
All Slots and Parlor Games100%
Blackjack games apart from Craps, Classic Blackjack and Baccarat50%
Video Poker games except for Triple Action Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, All Aces, Texas Hold’em Gold, Caribbean Draw, and all Roulette titles10%

4.6 Casino Live Games:

GameContribution Percentage
Blackjack, Baccarat and Top-Card10%
American/French/Auto Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Dream Catcher, Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker2%

5. Betting double an amusement is not counted as covering the WR. We kindly advice to comprehend that playing All Aces Video Poker, no way either meet the WR or earn loyalty points exists.

6. A Player can redeem only one Welcome Bonus under the network of Casino Rewards and its member sites.

7. If the Player uses the acc and the status of the site member for promotional credits exploitation only, without showing interest in the gameplay, rate of risk and serious attitude, the offers, including the welcome one, will be canceled up to the moment when the Player testifies some gaming history and deposits not connected with the awards.

8. Casino Rewards Group is entitled to cancel or deny its promo offer for whatever reason.

9. A Player should use one of the banking methods registered in the site register entry, otherwise, Golden Tiger can take the winnings until completing the investigation. Trying to cashout your gains of the Sign Up Promo using the unregistered CC/debit card, electronic purse or any other settlement manner can lead to the abolishment of the wins.

10. Promotional offers received by e-mail are relevant and active to the recipients only. In case you are not the assumed addressee, the profit is not factual to you and will be canceled mechanically.

11. All the promotions of Golden Tiger casino are recurrently examined, leaving a possibility for the terms or bonuses to be changed.

12. Once there occur some errors concerning rewarded prizes, promo or the house credits will be corrected by us. Leaving alone the winnings, we will inform when the error is solved and you can update the right balance.

13. We assure the safeness of your private intelligence provided during the registration. However, we are also entitled to take your name when announcing the results of promotions, asking for your approval beforehand.

14. All Golden Tiger workers and all members of affiliated and associated enterprises are not allowed to join the site. The same refers to their direct family members.

15. There are presented no more than 60 days at your disposal for requesting the promotions, after opening your personal folder. Otherwise, the privileges will disappear, without the right to activate them past due.

16. Players are welcome to trigger the promotions described on the Golden Tiger site only. All the other awards describe by other site, not being the one of our affiliate program, are invalid.

17. Golden Tiger utilizes a public industry database for detecting cheaters and abusers. That is why, when disclosing such fraudsters, we have the right to lock the record entry, decline the registration try or cancel the promotions.

18. No casino promotion includes any charges, license trade or assurance, unless it is mentioned otherwise.

19. All the credits rewarded by the profits will be remitted straight to your site ID or Casino Rewards one.

20. Click the check-box and substantiate that you have perused the general T&C and admitted the rules to the full extend.

We are sorry if the rules seem inconvenient to you. Yet, it is done for scaping any type of abuse. Please, mind that in case a cashout is deemed suspicious, it will be checked before proceeding.


1. Each customer of the site has a balance consisted of personal and benefit cash.

2. The balance consisting of extra credits is not cashable, yet, can be utilized for placing bets.

3. You can check WR in the general terms of the house.

4. The cash amount can be redeemed at any moment of the gameplay, the consequence of which is the loss of the offer part.

5. You can cover the wagering when making stake at any game, except for All Aces Video Poker.

6. As soon as you cover the WR, the bonus credits will become cash in your score.

7. When making a bet, it is taken from both cash and freebie expenses in total. According to the similar correlation, the profits will be transmitted back divided among the two scores. Withdrawing the funds, the promo acc comes to Zero. So, if you are eager to co-opt the currency you have previously invested, you will lose all the promotional tokens no matter how many you had.

8. Winnings caught with the help of your wagers will be credited to the standard and promo values in the same ratio as they were taken.

9. In case you are inactivated for more than 60 days, we are entitled to lock both your scores (cash and bonus). In case you intend to restore the amounts, please, cable with the Support Center.

10. The WR will be obtained from the privilege, which you have previously utilized to transmit deposits.


1. We can require a cycle time for extra check and control of the withdrawals. Within such time, you will have admittance to your credits until they are in transit.

2. According to our Anti-Money Laundering policy, which is based on the licenses and EU 4th Money Laundering Directive, we can require some documents and extra data for conducting extra security reviews. Until the process end and everything satisfied us, all your payments may be frozen. That is done in order to escape from outlaw activity and once the review comes out to be unsatisfactory, we have the right to lock your record entry, bind purchases or dam back winnings.

3. The operation of cashouts tends to be conducted during common business days, exclusive of any holidays and weekends.

4. The security reviews can be implemented once we distrust that you hold illegitimate, doubtful or inappropriate activity that can lead to money laundering.

5. No recalls or disputes according to remitment made via any e-wallet will be admitted by any brand of Casino Rewards Group. The same refers to unsettled transactions conducted through CC and Bank Transfer. Once we accept a return, all the wins and gains of your acc will be erased within the whole net.

6. Willing to cash out the existing amount in the value not mentioned in the folder, your funds will be converted automatically. The process will be realized according to the current market rate of interbank plus 2.5% fee. The charge of the conversion can be changed.